Yoga and More Yoga

Over the last couple of months I was determined to feel better. I have been working a lot of hours, spending time in my car and driving between offices. It’s been hard on my back and lately migraines are coming on harder and faster.

I joined LifeTime Fitness and albeit more expensive than most gyms, but it gives me so much variety and most importantly it has an indoor pool with strength training and yoga and other group classes were included.

My first yoga class was so hard. I remember telling my friends that I had no desire to ever go again because I felt like the only overweight person and the only one who couldn’t get half of the moves correct.

September started my journey to a healthier lifestyle. I was meal prepping and making it to the gym 3-4 days a week.

September I made it to the gym 19 times, October 23, November I slacked with 14 🤷🏻‍♀️, December was a fail with only 8 trips to the gym and January 10. As I edge into February I was super on track until I became sick, but starting next week I’ll be back on the road to recovery and doing my best to keep doing some workouts every week.

What I have found in the last 5+ months is that I don’t love running on the treadmill, I enjoy weight machines, water training is amazing and yoga gets easier over time.

As I mentioned my first yoga class was challenging. A friend of mine sent me a Facebook message encouraging me going forward and that meant a lot because Mike is an amazing yogi, I took his words to heart and kept going.

Over time yoga has become a amazing for me both mentally and physically. I have found classes I love and I have even brought my partner with me a couple of times hoping he can find the love of yoga like I do.

I’ve tried hot yoga, vinyasa, root, yoga in a salt room and each time I have been amazed at what my body can do. There are moments where I want to quit and just lie on the mat, but seeing everyone else push through helps me to keep going.

By far the hardest class I have done was Warrior Sculpt at LifeTime and each time we changed it up I was pretty sure my body was going to give out, but instead it kept going and at the end I was super grateful because I felt good after and was proud I accomplished something.

Overall my experience in becoming healthier has taken me down a road that has included yoga.

I don’t have a “favorite” studio, but here are some I have frequented in my travels:

Modern Yoga – Strongsville

Pink Lotus Yoga – Lakewood

Sweet Dreams Salt Therapy (Kylie) – Plain City

Mat Happy Yoga – Hilliard

Balancing Owl Yoga – Dublin

LifeTime Fitness (various locations)

They have each provided me with a unique learning experience and each studio has its own atmosphere and personality.

If you have an interest in going, do it.

Until Next Time,