Blog Anniversary

About a year ago I started this little blog. In the last 90 days or so I have lacked in posting absolutely anything to my blog.

You may ask why I have shied away from blogging and my response would be simply, I have so much to say, but yet nothing to say.

When I lived in Cleveland (seems like eons ago) I hung out with a group of people who blogged. We met up once a month and blogged about our experiences and I looked to these individuals for support and inspiration.

Now I am here in Columbus and don’t see much of a blogging community here, so I am on my own when it comes to thinking of ideas and getting out and trying new things.

So for the last year I tried to make sure I blogged and shared recipes, lifestyle hacks and other general things like reviews and places to visit.

Have I been successful? I don’t think I have been unsuccessful, but not sure what I have done is classified as success.

This has been a year of good, bad, happy and sad.

  • My best friend in Chicago gave birth to a beautiful boy.
  • My daughter graduated high school and started her freshman year at The Ohio State University.
  • We lost my brothers cat.
  • My brother bought a new house.
  • My car was repossessed for a short moment.
  • Made many visits to Chicago and on one visit we saw Hamilton.
  • My daughter went to a lot of concerts and I saw Luke Bryan and QOTSA.
  • Friends visited Ohio a few times.
  • Took a trip to Oglebay for a night to see Christmas lights with friends.
  • Continued to be employed.
  • Animals are doing well.
  • Spent quality time with my nephew and family.
  • Saw a lot of hockey games, a baseball and football game or two.
  • Took my mom to her first basketball game.
  • Traveled to Pittsburgh and saw hockey and an old friend.
  • Took a work trip to Minneapolis and saw a long time friend.
  • Drank good wine with out of town friends.
  • Busted my foot royally.
  • Painted, threw axes and went to the pumpkin festival with fantastic friends.
  • Saw the Chinese Lanterns
  • Hosted Thanksgiving
  • Rode on Thomas the Train
  • Participated in the Rally for Recovery
  • Spoke at a few conferences
  • Saw School of Rock & Waitress
  • Cooked and baked a lot

When I look at that list I feel like there are way more good than bad things on it.

Overall 2017 wasn’t all that bad and I am hoping 2018 is pretty awesome and makes way for bigger and better things.

There are so many memories and pictures of what has happened these last 365 days and no way I could capture them all on one blog post.

This doesn’t show my awesome animals, many of my friends or rest of my family. They have all been a big part of 2017 and for that I am grateful.

Here’s to 365 more days of adventure…

The Ones That Got Away

I have been doing the dating thing for a few weeks now and have been sharing with you some of the good, but mostly the bad.

As I am moving into “dating” someone (this means more than one date) I started to have some second thoughts and began thinking about those good guys that got away in past years.

Let’s start with the first man I dated after my divorce.  We will call him “Friendly” as we met at Friendly’s when I was working at the one in Sandusky and later Toledo. He had a wonderful family and loved my daughter dearly. When he decided to go to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh,  to pursue his dream, we tried to make the long-distance thing work, but it didn’t.   We tried to rekindle our relationship years later, but it just wasn’t right.  He now has an amazing job working for an NHL team and his family all seems to be doing well. He was my first toe-dipping into dating and I thank him for that. 

We then move on to a man I met in a strange way.  If I recall correctly, he was best friends with a guy who was doing work for a company I was working at.  We met at a party, he kinda pushed me aside, but I persisted.  He was everything I ever wanted.  Good job, wonderful family, loved my daughter, treated me well and I was sure he was “the one” that I was going to be with forever.  He wasn’t, but it wasn’t for his lack of trying.  It was on me.  I miss him and wonder where he is now and hope he is happy.

Then I met someone, he and I had a short-lived relationship that involved hockey, hanging out watching movies, beer and some good times.  He has always been a good person to be friends with and even after 15+ years we still manage to meet up, talk and share a love of hockey. He also introduced me to a person who is still my friend and great adult for my daughter to be friends with. 

Fast forward through years of a lot of one – four month relationships that aren’t worth writing about. There were a couple of bad apples in there as well, all of that lead me to thinking another relationship wasn’t ever going to occur.  

Then after a lot of ups and downs in my life, I met “Blackhawk”. He was a friend of a friend, and was hands down amazing.  He took me to do some pretty cool things, but as fast as it started, it ended.  There was no meeting the parents, but it broke my heart in pieces.  I am lucky that he is still a “friend” who I talk to now and then, have dinner with when I am in town or meet up when at the same hockey game. He is a good person that deserves a good woman and I will always wish him well.

I don’t know how to classify this one.  He was a friend from high school that I met on a family vacation.  We corresponded via letters and long distance phone calls.  He had a girlfriend and I was just living the high school dream.  We went to his senior prom, kept in contact on/off for years. Then he disappeared and then poof, reappeared.  We did the whole dating thing and living together in a very unconventional and abrupt fashion. However as quickly as it started, it ended.  He is married now with an adorable little one and appears happy. I pray for him and his family, even though we didn’t work out, I hope his marriage to his high school sweetheart does. 

Then there is one last “one that got away”, but he has become my best friend in the world. He makes me laugh, cry and be angry – sometimes all in the same conversation.  We rarely go a day without talking and he has been the one who has gotten me through ups and downs in my life. He will always be a part of my life and I will love him always. Essentially he will never have gotten away, I will always have him in my life.

As I continue to date and look forward to what looks to be a 3rd date with someone coming up shortly, I am reminded that I am not the easiest person to be with.  I am a little OCD, a little controlling and in need of structure. When I find something good, I manage to crush it.  This goes for friendships, career moves and most importantly intimate relationships.

Here’s to being the rebel.  Being crazy. 

Real names have been protected!

Dating Apps – Take One

Alright, alright, alright ~ maybe, just maybe it is time for me to dive into the dating scene…again. 

I have to say that I have been pretty content with my life, I can admit that I still don’t have all my shit together, but at 38 (edging on 39) I am doing fairly well. 

Here’s the deal, it is easier for me to say what I don’t want than what I want.  I feel like I will know it when it happens and when I meet Mr. Right, it will happen – you know fireworks and all that stuff. 

I can’t describe myself.  I have asked friends to help, but 90% of them are married and let’s be honest, nobody knows what “the other person wants to read”.

I’m taking the fist steps and paying for a month to subscribe to two services and mess around with a couple free ones. In my own OCD style, they are in a folder on my phone and I have notifications turned to on. 

As of right now, I have had men who range from 29-68 message me.  I have to say I am semi-flattered, but those are a little out of my age range. 

I will remain active for 30 days, be reporting back on what I learned and how things went, so I will give it my all!

I can already tell you that I don’t have a damn clue how to respond to messages, like this:

I am pretty sure that my response should have been to f**k off, but I thought that the conversation would get better.   I was wrong, it went downhill quickly.

I am going to get off my hiney, get a haircut, wax my eyebrows and do other important girl things this weekend so I am prepared for any impromptu dates. 

I am open for suggestions and will post profile snapshots in upcoming weeks. 

Until then, I am enjoying my Friday night with popcorn and catching up on my DVR.