Aveeno Positively Radiant Duo

Have you ever tried something the first time and were not 100% sure if you liked it?  That was me using this Aveeno Positively Radiant Duo.

I received these items from Crowdtap recently so that I could review them, free of charge.

I have been a huge proponent of other face care items over the years, but as I am edging on 40, I have realized that I need to start washing my face before bed, taking my makeup off and start using a moisturizer.  Previously I was using more of an acne prevention cleaner, toner and lotion.

The first time I used the Aveeno 60-second In Shower product I wasn’t sure I liked it. I don’t know that it left my skin clean, but it did leave it soft.  I used some witch hazel afterwards and then makeup as usual.

As I used it more and more over the last two weeks I did notice that I didn’t feel the need to use as much makeup and I wasn’t applying my makeup as heavy as I had been previously.

Overall, I really do like this product and will continue to keep using it and fortunately I can find it at Target!

Next up was an even harder sell on me, Aveeno Overnight Hydrating Facial creme. I have  a bad habit of not washing my face at night. I am lucky to make sure that I take my makeup off each night, let alone put a creme on to make my face look brighter, softer and keep it hydrated. I am a creature of habit and honestly making sure I do anything before I crawl into bed, except walk the dog, is asking a lot.

So, here I am, trying a new thing and break bad habits. I started using this every other night, which was a stretch, but I do have to say that in the morning my face felt great. Some days I don’t do much other than brush my teeth and change from pajamas to yoga pants (I work at home), so this makes me feel good, you know for when the UPS man stops by.

I am trying to get into the habit of using these two products on a regular basis and keeping an eye out for results. I do think that if you get a chance to try something new, these two will do the trick and are quite easy to use.