Folks, I have never considered myself a very active person. I’m more of a “if I am running, you better be as well, because something is wrong”.

I rejoined Planet Fitness and have been good about going 3-4 days/week, only eating out when absolutely necessary (Starbucks doesn’t count) and making sure I am walking Pippa more often.

This doesn’t mean I gave up all sugar or did some wild and crazy diet. It just means I have made some lifestyle changes.

When I tipped the scale at 215 about 6 weeks ago I almost lost my mind. I can’t remember the last time I was over 200 pounds. I am assuming the stress and massive travel I have been doing (and eating out) caused a majority of my weight gain.

I finally hit under 200 pounds again this week! I was making progress! Until I hit a brick wall!

A week ago today I fell, it isn’t an exciting story, so I’ll spare those details. Instead I’ll show you what it looked like after 8 hours.

Shockingly it wasn’t broken, but f**k it hurt. The emergency room looked at it and said mmmhmmm, it’s a hematoma and gave me a big ass boot to wear. I was less than thrilled.

Made it through last weekend, but now I am restless and even though my boot is gone, I still have a brace. No running, long walks, stairs and especially no driving because of torn tendons and ligaments under the swelling. That has also meant no gym for me.

I have been trying to eat right, but being immobile has equaled no major activity.

Tomorrow I am forcing myself to at least work on abs and arms at the gym, just so I do not lose the progress I have been making.

I need to drink more water and rally back. I’m just hoping that this week didn’t put my progress too far back.

Help me keep going. Motivate me. Kick my ass in gear. Help keep me accountable. I will do the same for you.

Gwynnie Bee – Take 2

A few weeks ago I shared with you my first box from Gwynnie Bee!  I am enamored with this service and being able to try new outfits and return them every month (or week). 

My initial item was a great shirt.  I decided against keeping it, as it was my first shipment and I can’t afford to pay each month and buy the items too. 

I returned the shirt and my next item shipped immediately.  This was super exciting because I had pre-loaded items I was interested in initially. 

My next package arrive while I was traveling, so I came home to jeans.  I was immediately excited and set out to wear them the next day as I took my nephew to play!

Let me be honest, I put them on and I knew they were too big. I loved how they were right in the leg, but around my waist I could fit my hand inside, so a size 18W was not for me. I put a belt on and wore them anyway to see of they grew on me. 

They didn’t. I was sad. 

Mainly I was really looking forward to a new pair of jeans. I am always wearing them and want to look stylish. 

I washed them and then tried them again this week to see if anything changed, like my mood or viewpoint. 

Nope. Still don’t like them. 

What to do?

I’m going to wash them and send them back tomorrow and see what I get next!

Follow along and let me know your thoughts.

Remember, check out Gwynnie Bee and let me know what you think!



Gwynnie Bee

A few weeks ago I saw an ad for Gwynnie Bee on Swagbucks and thought I should give it a whirl.

Here are some reasons I was enamored by Gwynnie Bee.

✔️ I hate shopping

✔️ Trying clothes on is not my thing

✔️ When I like something or impulse buy and don’t like it, I forget to take it back

✔️ Stores = people & other shoppers aren’t in my repitoire

Here is how Gwynnie Bee works:

Gwynnie Bee is an online women’s clothing subscription service for sizes 10-32. Start renting your wardrobe today with free shipping and unlimited exchanges.

Explore top brands and curated collections then add styles to your online closet.

Get the latest trends delivered to your door and rock them as many times as you like.

Fall in love with new styles launched weekly and embrace your fashion personality.

Wear & return — shipping is always free.


Wear & buy it for less than retail price.

You can get any of the following plans:

1 item out at a time for $49/month

2 items out at a time for $69/month

3 items out at a time for $95/month

There are some other options, but this gives you a general idea.

Here is a sample of what I have in my “closet” to try right now:


I just received my first box.

This shirt is awesome!  I loved wearing it today and got lots of compliments.
I have the option to buy this Alfani top for $57.50 should I really like it or I can return it and get one of the six items I have waiting for me.

What will I do?

I am not 100% sure yet, but I do know that I loved my shirt and am really considering purchasing it.

What do you think?

Overall I am satisfied, I will keep sharing my fashion choices over the next few months and you can let me know what you think.