New Years Eve Preparation

Today I am starting to prepare my shopping list for New Years Eve. The difference this year vs years past is that this year The Ohio State University is playing in the Fiesta Bowl and they will be playing against Clemson New Years Eve evening.

I invited some friends and family over and then realized that I was going to need to actually feed those that were coming to visit.

I headed to my trusty Pinterest pages to gain some inspiration.

Now, my Instant Pot arrived today from Amazon and I am also thinking what I can use that for along with my trusty Vitamix and of course KitchenAid Mixer.  I am a little bit of a kitchen tool dork, as you will find, so you will hear a lot about the use of my cool (and favorite) kitchen tools.

Now, I am thinking I want to go with a Mexican theme, but I have also started to find that Buddha Bowls are amazing, so I started a board for specifically New Years Eve ideas.

As I look through these choices I am drawn to a taco bar, since I know some of my guests are not the most creative eating individuals.

The question is – what do I choose?  I don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen and I sure don’t want to overwhelm my guests. My goal is to make things and have them out for my guests and I don’t want to deal with anything until after Ohio State is done playing!

It is odd that I don’t have a New Years Eve tradition, nor do I have a Christmas one. At the end of the day all I really want is to be surrounded by my family and friends to enjoy their company, love and friendship.

Take a look at my Pinterest board above and tell me what you think I should make.  So far these are my top three: