Instant Pot Broccoli & Cheese Soup

Last week while visiting my brother and his family, I made a pot of Broccoli & Cheese Soup on the stove. It was pretty darn amazing if I do say so myself, but it took about an hour to make and got three pans dirty. Honestly, that was way too much work for me and I would have rather spent time playing with my nephew.

While home yesterday I stared into the fridge looking for something to make that was going to be quick and easy. Fortunately at home I have an Instant Pot and I have a Pampered Chef’s Manual Food Processor¬†so making this soup for a second time didn’t require a whole lot of effort and it still tasted pretty darn good.

My daughter took two bowls of it, I had two bowls of it and at the end of the day, we were both pretty happy with what was for dinner.

Broccoli & Cheese Soup.png