Gwynnie Bee – Take 3

I received my third Gwynnie Bee package this week!  I was super excited that I had a dress coming, I have been needing to try some new styles out for work and was super excited for my outfit to arrive. 

I hung up my Gwynnie Bee dress and was pretty excited to wear it. I had the perfect event and when I put the dress on I was pretty excited that it fit, but was a little disappointed it was longer than I saw in the picture.  Being 5′ 6″ and having nice legs, I was hoping for a similar look to the picture. 

The dress was comfortable, but wish I had more control top under garments to suck it all in a bit.  Overall the dress worked, but sadly it is going back to Gwynnie Bee – I wasn’t sold on it.

I have some great options coming up and can’t wait to try some out in upcoming weeks. 

Have you checked out Gwynnie Bee?  

What did you think?


Aveeno Positively Radiant Duo

Have you ever tried something the first time and were not 100% sure if you liked it?  That was me using this Aveeno Positively Radiant Duo.

I received these items from Crowdtap recently so that I could review them, free of charge.

I have been a huge proponent of other face care items over the years, but as I am edging on 40, I have realized that I need to start washing my face before bed, taking my makeup off and start using a moisturizer.  Previously I was using more of an acne prevention cleaner, toner and lotion.

The first time I used the Aveeno 60-second In Shower product I wasn’t sure I liked it. I don’t know that it left my skin clean, but it did leave it soft.  I used some witch hazel afterwards and then makeup as usual.

As I used it more and more over the last two weeks I did notice that I didn’t feel the need to use as much makeup and I wasn’t applying my makeup as heavy as I had been previously.

Overall, I really do like this product and will continue to keep using it and fortunately I can find it at Target!

Next up was an even harder sell on me, Aveeno Overnight Hydrating Facial creme. I have  a bad habit of not washing my face at night. I am lucky to make sure that I take my makeup off each night, let alone put a creme on to make my face look brighter, softer and keep it hydrated. I am a creature of habit and honestly making sure I do anything before I crawl into bed, except walk the dog, is asking a lot.

So, here I am, trying a new thing and break bad habits. I started using this every other night, which was a stretch, but I do have to say that in the morning my face felt great. Some days I don’t do much other than brush my teeth and change from pajamas to yoga pants (I work at home), so this makes me feel good, you know for when the UPS man stops by.

I am trying to get into the habit of using these two products on a regular basis and keeping an eye out for results. I do think that if you get a chance to try something new, these two will do the trick and are quite easy to use.


Gwynnie Bee – Take 2

A few weeks ago I shared with you my first box from Gwynnie Bee!  I am enamored with this service and being able to try new outfits and return them every month (or week). 

My initial item was a great shirt.  I decided against keeping it, as it was my first shipment and I can’t afford to pay each month and buy the items too. 

I returned the shirt and my next item shipped immediately.  This was super exciting because I had pre-loaded items I was interested in initially. 

My next package arrive while I was traveling, so I came home to jeans.  I was immediately excited and set out to wear them the next day as I took my nephew to play!

Let me be honest, I put them on and I knew they were too big. I loved how they were right in the leg, but around my waist I could fit my hand inside, so a size 18W was not for me. I put a belt on and wore them anyway to see of they grew on me. 

They didn’t. I was sad. 

Mainly I was really looking forward to a new pair of jeans. I am always wearing them and want to look stylish. 

I washed them and then tried them again this week to see if anything changed, like my mood or viewpoint. 

Nope. Still don’t like them. 

What to do?

I’m going to wash them and send them back tomorrow and see what I get next!

Follow along and let me know your thoughts.

Remember, check out Gwynnie Bee and let me know what you think!



AHA! A Hands On Adventure (Children’s Museum)

When you are an aunt to a very active 3-year old boy, when he comes to visit you find all kinds of things to do to keep that little boy busy.

We visited Buckeye Children’s Museum a week or so ago and this week we settled on AHA! A Hands On Adventure!

When you visit their website you see that they have all kinds of fun stations for kids to visit and keep them busy and allow their imagination to run wild.

When you arrive you are warmly welcomed by staff, and your kids are off and running. My nephew was stoked to find all kinds of fun things to do. 

He was immediately drawn to the balls and watching what happens when you put the ball into a pipe:

He took a peek at the fishing area for a bit and then a jaunt to the water area. 

My nephew had a blast playing in all the different areas and interacting with other children. There were Birthday parties going on, so we were not able to utilize the lunch area, but never fear, we just are in the arts and crafts area.

The place was colorful, engaging and kept him going for around 2 1/2 hours. There were kids there of all ages, but mainly under the age of 6/7. They have all kinds of activities and themes to keep the little ones engaged. I like that they want the parents to stay with their children, but found I was able to hang back and watch from a distance while he explored on his own.

We purchased our tickets on Groupon, however $6 per person is well worth the price paid.

If you are in Central Ohio and looking for something to do this is a great place to take little ones to let them run off energy.  It’s about 50 minutes from Columbus and the fact I could pack our lunches made it well worth the visit.

Check out AHA! and let me know what you think! My nephew loved it and I have to say that the trains were his favorite!

S’ip by S’Well

This my friends is the water bottle of all water bottles.  The S’Well Water Bottle has to be the best thing that I have ever spent more than $10 in my entire adult life.

Do you want to know why it is so awesome?

Let’s start with water.  I am not a fan of ice cold water. I have become accustomed to putting water in a glass, letting it sit out for a bit and then drinking it because then it is room temperature and I can more or less chug it.  This is likely because I am not one to “remember” to drink H2O all the time and when I need it, I usually need it.

I put cold tap water into my S’Well Water Bottle around 8:00 am – I remembered to drink out of my water bottle around 10:00 am and I was expecting lukewarm water, the way that I usually drink it.


It was still cold.  I mean it was tap water cold, but it was still COLD.

That is example #1.

Now for example #2.

Hot tea.  I am a lover of tea, hot or cold. When I travel I like to make tea in the morning and drink it throughout the entire day, since I don’t add anything to it and like it hot and cold – this can be black tea or green tea, it really doesn’t matter much.

I had to travel this past week and I wasn’t a fan of the hotels coffee, so I would make black tea each morning, put it into my S’Well bottle and head to the office.  The first day I was expecting my tea to be drinkable by the time I got to the office, but I left it in my car, forgot about it and when I returned to my car a few hours later I opened it up and expected to chug it, like any reasonable person would, but to my amazement (proof by my burnt mouth) it was just as HOT as it was when I poured it at 8:30 am.

This was life changing. I can now pour myself a drink and know that it will be the same temperature for hours later.

S’Well says a drink will remain cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours and I can say for certain that this is true. On top of the bottle being stylish, fitting into my cup holder in my car and super easy to clean, I am pretty much in love with this water bottle.

I am thinking about getting the larger bottle next, so I can keep one hot and one cold.

If you get one, or already have one, let me know what you think!

Little Buckeye Children’s Museum Review

Being an aunt to a three-year old I am always looking for places to go and things to do.  I searched for something between Streetsboro and Columbus so he could get a break while we were driving back to his mommy & daddy’s this past weekend.

It was a new adventure in Mansfield, Ohio visiting Little Buckeye Children’s Museum.

From the outside I wasn’t expecting much, but as we approached the door I was pleasantly surprised day the colors and whimsical look as we entered.

It was a Sunday, they were open noon – 5 pm and we got there right about noon.  The price for both of us was $16 and we could play all day.  We hung up our coats and dove right in.

On the first floor there were Lego tables, a pretend bank, musical instruments, construction site, beauty shop, grocery store, dinosaur dig and a theatre.  The first floor also had a cool interactive water display.  My nephew was in love.  He spent 90 minutes running between displays and interacting with other kids – I just sat there and watched.

My little guy was 100% entertained and it took everything I had to get him to go upstairs to look around.  The second floor had even more rooms and activities.

I was a little disappointed I didn’t see an elevator or handicap access to go upstairs and once up there I was not able to locate a restroom.

The second floor has a cute area to host a party, dentist office, train and automobile room and much more. It was very spacious and much less noisy than downstairs.

My little one loved the trains and was happy to spend another hour up on the second floor.

There was the option to purchase limited snacks and drinks if you needed and if you wanted you could get a stamp and come back. Since it was Sunday there wasn’t a lot open so we stuck inside the museum.

Overall we spent about 3 hours at Little Buckeye Children’s Museum and had a great time.  I am sure we will go back and visit – maybe even take mom and dad with us.

If you need a halfway place off I-71 in Ohio stop off at exit 169 and visit the Little Buckeye Children’s Museum.

Gwynnie Bee

A few weeks ago I saw an ad for Gwynnie Bee on Swagbucks and thought I should give it a whirl.

Here are some reasons I was enamored by Gwynnie Bee.

✔️ I hate shopping

✔️ Trying clothes on is not my thing

✔️ When I like something or impulse buy and don’t like it, I forget to take it back

✔️ Stores = people & other shoppers aren’t in my repitoire

Here is how Gwynnie Bee works:

Gwynnie Bee is an online women’s clothing subscription service for sizes 10-32. Start renting your wardrobe today with free shipping and unlimited exchanges.

Explore top brands and curated collections then add styles to your online closet.

Get the latest trends delivered to your door and rock them as many times as you like.

Fall in love with new styles launched weekly and embrace your fashion personality.

Wear & return — shipping is always free.


Wear & buy it for less than retail price.

You can get any of the following plans:

1 item out at a time for $49/month

2 items out at a time for $69/month

3 items out at a time for $95/month

There are some other options, but this gives you a general idea.

Here is a sample of what I have in my “closet” to try right now:


I just received my first box.

This shirt is awesome!  I loved wearing it today and got lots of compliments.
I have the option to buy this Alfani top for $57.50 should I really like it or I can return it and get one of the six items I have waiting for me.

What will I do?

I am not 100% sure yet, but I do know that I loved my shirt and am really considering purchasing it.

What do you think?

Overall I am satisfied, I will keep sharing my fashion choices over the next few months and you can let me know what you think.