About Joelyn

When I think about myself I think of the negative, I am not one that thinks about the positive attributes. I feel like when someone says tell me about yourself that you are writing a dating profile or a resume for a job, that you aren’t really telling about yourself.

There is good, bad and ugly…I can’t put that all in one spot.

Here is what I can tell you about myself…

  • I am a mom of a beautiful daughter
  • Furry mom to a dog and three cats
  • Cooking is my passion and would love to take cooking classes one day, until then Pinterest is my friend
  • I love music, but am not musically inclined, so I can’t carry a tune unless I am in the shower
  • People ask me to describe myself all the time and I am never really able to do this effectively or efficiently
  • Addicted to my iPhone
  • Passionate about mental health and addiction recovery, especially since I am in mental health recovery
  • Lover of all things Ohio
    • Cleveland Browns
    • Ohio State Buckeyes
    • Cleveland Indians
    • Cleveland Cavaliers
    • Lake Erie Monsters
    • Columbus Blue Jackets
  • Love to read, never can find the time to do it enough
  • Love children, they make me smile and being an aunt is the next best thing to being a mom
  • I am adopted
  • New restaurants and holes in the wall (local places are da bomb)
  • Parks are amazing and Ohio has lots of them that I still need to see
  • Love to travel and am missing a lot of states in my repertoire
  • Photography is amazing and taking pictures is something I do on a daily basis

At the end of the day you will learn about me by reading my blog. This isn’t my first blog, I have tried four times before and have not succeeded for a long time, so this time I am not going with a theme or a purpose, instead I am just writing and sharing as I deem necessary.

My thoughts and opinions expressed on this website are all my own.
Sometimes I receive products to try for free.
What I share here is exactly what is on my mind, not influenced by anyone else or any company.

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