Five Truths of Life

I wrote down the title of this blog post in January 2017.  I never completed the actual blog post, that is my procrastination setting in.  It has taken me over 365 days to get to the point of actually writing this post.  My original intent was to talk about things that I learned over the last year, you know, the hard knocks.  Instead I just took some time today to jot down some things that I have realized over the last year that maybe when someone else reads them, they will hit home.

Truths of Life 

Nobody will love you until you love yourself.
I don’t always love myself.  By loving myself I mean I don’t care about me.  I don’t look in the mirror and know that I am enough.  Then I get frustrated when I go on a date and it fails or when I am rejected by anyone.  Then I realize until I exude the self-confidence and love I have for myself, nobody will see that and relationships will continue to fail.

Believe in yourself even when nobody else does
This is important to know and believe.  One that I have hard time believing each day.  I wake up and sometimes ask myself if I can really do it.  I criticize my looks, intelligence and everything in between.  Days I can tell myself that I believe in me and all of me I realize that I can conquer the world.

Take care of you
I don’t take care of myself, because I am busy taking care of those around me.  When I find time to paint my nails, put a face mask on, take a long bath or spend a little longer getting ready, I can take on the world.  Once I am taking care of me, I am a better person for those around me.

Learn to be alone
This is probably one of the hardest things for me to accept.  I love people and I love being with people, so when I am alone, I kinda am not sure what to do.  Normal people do things like read, watch movies, cook, clean or maintain their home when they are alone.  Me, I start to isolate even more.  I just curl up in pajamas and Netflix and chill all on my own.  It takes everything in my power to eat or even walk the dog.  My advice to you, learn to be alone and don’t let it get you down.

Travel and travel more
Most of the time I don’t travel very far, mainly here in Ohio.  Second place you will usually find me is in Illinois visiting a cute baby and one of my best friends.  I used to travel for work and have had a chance to see some great places.  One thing as I am edging on 40 that I have learned to do is when I have the chance to travel, I go.  Take people up on the offer, go and have fun.

At the end of the day, you do you.  Do what is right for you and for your life, but keep in mind you don’t want to finish life with regret.  Make friends.  Make more friends.  Do things with those friends.  Try new things, don’t be afraid to take a class, join a gym or get your friends together for potluck and have some fun.  Paint something, craft away, learn yoga.  Try new foods and get out of your norm and just be awesome!

Peace Always,


3 thoughts on “Five Truths of Life

  1. Joe says:

    Basically the self is number 1. At age 18 I first travelled from Ohio to la on the greyhound. I traveled the country 4 more times after. I have always promoted the idea that young adults should travel because it gives such a great perspective. Love this pist


  2. There is so much truth in here! What is it about nearing forty that brings so many things into focus! I hear you! This year my word for the year is bold. Getting out there, signing up for the classes, traveling, cooking more, playing more… Mostly, I’m showing up and that has made all the difference! Wishing you a blessed New Year!


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