Dating 102

Grab a cup of tea or wine if you prefer and settle in for some some dating humor. 

I first posted about my dating escapade on February 3, 2017. Since then I shared a recent dating catastrophe with you and figured I would share with you some of the humorous sides to those who have shown interest in me. 

I try not to judge, but seriously your face should be sorta visible so I can see if there is some kind of attraction.

I am glad you are here…I’m not!

Please stop yelling at me ~ it is bad etiquette.

I respect you smoke, but find it unattractive as a profile picture.

Keep on desperately wanting me…I don’t think I will be messaging you.

Are you famous? Were you on The Office?

My last guy at least had a real face…

I am all for being open to dating many different individuals until I find one that I click with, but I don’t think I am hideous and I don’t think that I am unreasonable in my profile. 

Maybe I am looking for someone that doesn’t exist or maybe I am too picky. 

Is my profile bad?

Regardless, I am still in pursuit of the love of my life and am trying hard to keep an open mind.

I wish those who are looking the best. I always do message others back, letting them know if I am interested, or not.  What I find weird, the lack of general respect for women.  It feels strange to be the one who messages first, makes that first move or is more forward than most. 

I recognize that not everyone will be a match and there will be a lot of mismatches before Mr. Right comes across my phone.  I keep swiping left and right, sending the first message and crossing my fingers that he comes across my screen.

Any tips or tricks are welcome!

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