Gwynnie Bee – Take 3

I received my third Gwynnie Bee package this week!  I was super excited that I had a dress coming, I have been needing to try some new styles out for work and was super excited for my outfit to arrive. 

I hung up my Gwynnie Bee dress and was pretty excited to wear it. I had the perfect event and when I put the dress on I was pretty excited that it fit, but was a little disappointed it was longer than I saw in the picture.  Being 5′ 6″ and having nice legs, I was hoping for a similar look to the picture. 

The dress was comfortable, but wish I had more control top under garments to suck it all in a bit.  Overall the dress worked, but sadly it is going back to Gwynnie Bee – I wasn’t sold on it.

I have some great options coming up and can’t wait to try some out in upcoming weeks. 

Have you checked out Gwynnie Bee?  

What did you think?

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