When Your Mother Pushes Everyone’s Buttons

We all have moments when our mother annoys us. Right? Please don’t let it be just me. Everyone has moments they just want to say “Bye Felicia” and be done with it – right?

I live 2 1/2 hours away from my mom, so that is not as common for me anymore. When I lived with my mom or when my mom lived closer to me, we had our moments. 

The difference between how my mother pushes my buttons and how she pushes others buttons has to mainly do with how we all keep our homes and raise our children. 

You see, I am kinda Martha Stuart and typically keep my home clean and tidy – what my mom picked on me about was my spending choices and parenting ideals. My mom is a wonderful woman, but is still stuck in her way of doing things. 

She doesn’t like messes, likes to control things and wants things done in a particular way.  I hated the limited shower times she gave my daughter and how she was anti-television most of the time. These kinds of things are not really bad (more annoying), and they have helped me raise a wonderful daughter and my mom has done a lot to help in raising my nephew. 

Where the buttons get pushed is when she has keys to your home and decorates for you, cleans your fridge and cupboards out and tells you that you shouldn’t put items down the garbage disposal or you loaded the dishwasher and washing machine wrong – all because they aren’t things you do and she knows best.

I feel bad as my brother and sister in law get the brunt of it, since they live close. I also feel bad because I don’t call her weekly, visit enough or take some of the heat off my brother.

My mother means well and has good intentions.  While she may push our buttons and create uncomfortable or difficult situations for us to handle, she loves us fiercely and provides us with a love nobody else can. 

When your mom may push your buttons, think of the good times and remember, maybe her way is the “right” way, afterall it got her this far in life. 

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