Hump Day Random Thoughts

Halfway through my week and I am just full of random thoughts. 

– my Sip by Swell water bottle keeps tea very hot for a very long period of time. This makes drinking tea difficult when you are thirsty and need caffeine. 

– ketchup on eggs not only looks gross, but makes me not want to eat eggs at all.

– I don’t care how cold, wet or snowy it is.  I hate socks.  Hate them. 

– Lorna Doone cookies still remind me of my Grandma. 

– I don’t like eating out alone.  Never have.

– I miss my dog when I am not home.  She is proof that dogs are a mans best friend. 

– I can’t work an Android phone.  Just can’t. 

– Sad that football season is coming to an end. 

– Cartilage does not heal well. 

– I need to take down my Christmas decorations ASAP. 

– it is funny listening to my mom talk about basketball and get upset about how the players can’t make free throws. 

– I don’t understand the Trail Blazers uniforms tonight.

– when sleeping in a king size bed, I still only use 1/2 of it vs sleeping in the middle.

– sometimes when I am frustrated I cry.  Not because I am sad, but because I can’t communicate properly. 

– when I really want to read or color to decompress I can’t find the time. 

These are just some examples of how my brain works on a daily basis.  My attention span is short and that’s okay!

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