I am not a baby when it comes to pain. I have spent a lot of my life dealing with migraines, neuropathy and other ailments that have made mobility and daily life difficult on and off. So, when I take a nose dive into a cement sidewalk unexpectedly the pain was more from embarrassment, not physical ailments. A bruised ego was more the culprit.

That was how I felt – initially.

As the last 18 hours have crept up on me, the physical pain is setting in. Feeling like I have whiplash, random nose bleeds, bruised knees that when bent hurt and a face that just aches in a way that I didn’t know a face could ache.

There are many over the counter remedies that I am trying, mainly using R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) as much as possible and not looking in the mirror.

This whole experience has made me think, there are a lot of people that are sick or get injured each day. Do they have someone there for them? Do they have an advocate in their corner?

I have very bad eyesight. After my fall, I couldn’t put my glasses back on, so I had to rely on someone to drive me to the UrgiCare, then to the ER and then back home. As I was walking to/from my room, bathroom and eventually back to my car, I had to have someone guide me and walk with me. I wonder if everyone that was in the waiting room had someone with them and if they felt safe.

One thing that I sometimes take for granted is those around me. It can’t be easy being my family or friend with as many times as I am in the hospital or sick. I appreciate those who help me take care of the dog and cats, that provide my daughter with some assistance when she needs it and overall is there by my side.

I may have some ouchies here and there, but am appreciative of the support I receive. There are some pretty awesome people out there, I am lucky to have a few in my life.

Here is an idea of what I have to look at the next few days in the hopes that it just heals nice and easy!

Happy Thursday!

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